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Yes, doctor. All right.”

Joanie hung up the phone.  Bronx Hospital? How am I supposed to…I mean…who? Thoughts were smashing around inside her head. Pops was curled up on the living room floor. He had gone from screaming in pain to sobbing…”


Vacation Interrupted by Tina Martin KINDLE

This is a very tender and true to life short story. Vacation Interrupted by Tina Martin is also about marriage and hope. Carmen’s marriage with Kenneth breaks up after she becomes sick with cancer. It is very hard for Carmen to forgive Kenneth. For one reason. He left her when she needed him the most. Although it is a short story, Tina Martin writes about what a woman might feel after having a mastectomy. While on vacation, many new issues will face Carmen while on the journey of adjusting to chemotherapy and surgery. These situations will hit her in the face as quickly as an incoming wave. Vacation Interrupted is handled gently and with the wisdom only had by a very strong women. It is also a wonderful book for men who wish to understand an illness faced by women every day.joeypinkney, ibetterfindyourlove

I would love to read this book. I know Charles Dickens worked hard as a reformer. I guess he remembered his hard life as a little one.

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Cover of book with scene where Oliver Twist asks for more.In Dickens & the Workhouse which has been published to coincide with the 200 years since the birth of Charles Dickens, eminent historian Ruth Richardson tells the story of how she came to discover that London’s most famous author lived twice in the same house just yards from a poor law workhouse.

In this lively and highly readable book she describes how she got involved with a campaign to get the former Georgian and Victorian workhouse in Cleveland Street protected as a listed building and save it from demolition. Richardson traces Dickens early life and gathers together many of the real life characters, streets and buildings that influenced the many novels he would go on to write.

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